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Earlier this week, I posted something about the right kerfuffle involving Warner Bros., Daniel Radcliffe, and the Broadway production of How to Succeed….

The theatre's a small world, isn't it?

Well, according to Playbill.com, the Warners won.


Victory calls for Comic Sans.

Actually, this isn’t that big a deal.  I understand it’s just business.  (Or maybe it is a big deal:  Is this equivalent to the film saying theatre doesn’t matter?)   But two things stick with me.  The first is that selling out three nights of a Broadway show is about $500,000, which isn’t a huge amount of money and yet still covers about a half a week’s salary for lot of actors, technicians, ushers, etc., plus running costs, royalties, and all that good stuff.  The second is that, in the film industry, that same $500,000 is a nuisance.  It’s mind-boggling.  You could probably add all the budgets of all the shows I’ve ever done, and it still wouldn’t add up to $500,000.  In this case, it’s just an obstacle to getting a star to do some press.

But I digress.  This post isn’t about How to Succeed…, Broadway, or even the Harry Potter franchise.  It’s about the Warner Brothers.  And their sister Dot.


The theme of today's puzzle.

It’s Yakko’s world.  We just live in it:

Not to be outdone, Wakko rules the country (and he starts with my favorite capital city):

And Dot’s cute:

So, if How to Succeed… is dark those nights, then WHO’S ON STAGE?

Hahaha!  I love that show. 🙂


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News from New Orleans is that an autistic woman has had her “service monkeys” illegally confiscated.  Favorite quote:

You see all kinds of things on Bourbon Street during Carnival, including drag queens in costume, but what you don’t typically see is a woman in a pirate costume with four live monkeys, also dressed in pirate costumes.

“We were dressing up for the Mardi Gras and we dress up as pirates,” said James Poole, caretaker for Newberger.

Click the link.  Read the article.  Watch the video.  No, seriously.  Watch the video.

Did you watch it?

Am I a bad person because this story makes me think of the Bathroom Monkey from SNL?  (Watch that one, too.)

Bathroom Monkey. That funky monkey. Arr, matey.


CORRECTED:  Both links were going directly to Ebaumsworld.  Now you can see the actual news item from WWLTV.com, too.  Sorry about that.  Monkey hate proofreading.

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This shocking scoop appears in the cast announcement for the latest installment of Dancing with the Stars, a show I literally have never seen.

Here’s the link: http://insidetv.ew.com/2011/02/28/dancing-with-the-stars-cast-ralph-macchio/?hpt=T2


I think it’s great that he’s being up front about it.  The Karate Kid was 27 years ago.  He’s not one of those people who has to hide his age, like some of the other gals.

He likes to stretch…

Sally O'Malley-san will show the way.



Impressive extension, both of you.


And heeeee’s 50!  50 years old!

He still looks the same, though.


For perspective, also on this season of DWTS is 60-year-old Kirstie Alley, who made her movie debut in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan in 1982.  Alley was 31 then, and co-star Leonard Nimoy was 51.  Here’s a shot of them then:

Too harsh?


And here’s a recreation of that iconic pose today:

Again, too harsh?


I wonder who’ll sweep the leg to try to bring Daniel down.  Wendy Williams?  The wrestler?  L’il Romeo?  I’m breathless with anticipation.

But I’ll still probably never watch it.

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James Franco.

Ubiquitous? HE biquitous!

James Franco is everywhere.

James Franco is a hero to a subversive underclass.

James Franco is getting some people’s hopes up.

James Franco doth protest too much.

James Franco is a “style icon.”

I repeat: James Franco is a “style icon.”

James Franco makes Art.

I repeat: James Franco makes Art.

James Franco wants to be a Broadway.

James Franco does soap operas because he feels like it.

James Franco does icons.

James Franco does writers.

James Franco writes.

James Franco might be the next Clint Eastwood or Kevin Costner.

James Franco got loved up on by James Lipton.

James Franco causes riots.

James Franco provokes protests.

James Franco doesn’t go where he’s not wanted.

James Franco is an Oscar nominee.

James Franco is hosting the Oscars.

James Franco loves himself.

James Franco really, really, really loves himself.

James Franco is a subject to be studied.

James Franco is a subject to be studied and taught by James Franco himself.

James Franco does whatever the hell he wants.

James Franco is, mercifully, being told “No.”

True story:  I was in an elevator at NYU with James Franco one time.  He uses a Blackberry.  He’s smaller than you’d think.  And he’s really normal-looking in person.

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My good friend Ricky Graham sent me this, which is hilarious:


How fabulous is that?  If you get bitten while eating a cobra, take a little venom nap and get right back in there.  Anyway, the commentary reminded me of my all-time favorite Saturday Night Live character, incontrovertible proof of the greatness of Tracy Morgan:

I'm Brian Fellow!


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So, the sudden talk of the interwebs is the surprise announcement this morning of Regis Philbin’s intent to retire from his morning show.

New York Post (with video)

New York Daily News

Entertainment Weekly

A lot of major outlets haven’t said anything about it yet, which is unusual.  Granted, it’s not like this is life-changing news, but the man has had a remarkable run.  Philbin’s a class act, the kind we don’t see much of anymore, and it’s great that he’s going out with his head held high.  Kudos, sir.  You made me laugh.  Thank you.

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